About Howrse Hack

Have you ever got bored on playing howrse and not having enough passes or equus? Well we have. A lot of times we did not have the money to buy passes. So we decided to do something about this. We caught up with some friends and started to create a hack for howrse. Yes, thats right - a hack for howrse. So we wanted equus and passes for free. All the time. And here we are now. Several versions and hours of coding after. But the work was worth it. Today we can present you Howrse Hack v4.6. Its a stable working version where you can get unlimited amount of Equus and Passes. It is undetecable, has serval trainer options, works with all browsers and runs on all systems. We hope you will enjoy Howrse Hack v4.6 as much as weehhhh do. You can get it right here on our website. Go to the download section or click on one of the download links on the sidebar. Have fun.

Howrse Hack v4.6 Features

  • Unlimited amount of equus
  • Unlimited amount of passes
  • Multiple platform support
  • Proxy system to avoid using your IP adress
  • Anti-ban system
  • Integrated update check

About Howrse

Howrse is a horse breeding simulation game. In other countrys like France and spain it is known under the names Caballow and Equideow. Howrse was released by Owlient in 2005. From that on howrse has seen a spectacular growth. Howrse is now played in over 20 different languages. Howrse attracted some controversy a few years ago as it was one of the first video games to implement a micro-transactions system, meaning that players could spend real money to enhance their gaming experience. According to the latest statistics, Howrse has over 55 million players and keep growing steadily.

Why did we code Howrse Hack?

Well, as we have explained in the furhter up in the top, we created Howrse Hack because we simply love howrse and are highly addicted players of the game. But we just do not have the money to buy passes and are really fed up with falling behind because of this. We also like IT, computers, electronics, programing and gaming. So it was logic to make a hack. We did it because we could. And we want to share it with everybody else, because this is what you do. So we hope you will like our hack and that you will have as much fun as we have. Enjoy.

Where can I download Howrse Hack v4.6

Still have not found the right buttons? So, once more. You have to options. Option one is to go to the download section. Option two is to use the download buttons on the sidebar, you have to choose the system you want to download Horwse Hack for. Enjoy.